Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer dress made from online fabric

Summer dress made from online fabric

I bought this wonderful fabric online at, this was the first time that I actually bought the fabric (5 pieces) on the Internet and it turned out great - the fabric was wonderful, it arrived quickly and it wasn't very expensive. 

I love all the fabrics. I have always thought that ordering via Internet is a bit risky because you never know what you might get, but I was pleasantly surprised. I admit that the colours look slightly different in real than on the internet page. Nevertheless, they're OK, it's just a bit of a surprise. They're all jersey fabrics. Lately I'm obsessed with jersey and knit fabric.

Anyway, I turned the grey fabric into a lovely dress. I took the pattern from Burda magazine 7/2009, no. 123, size 38, when I was just about to finish it, I realized that it looks too baggy on me, actually this was my inital worry. I tried putting a belt in the middle where my waist is but it didn't look good. It was better to put the belt higher up (empire line). I used the material for lining jackets, it looks like satin. I used red just because I didn't have silver/grey near my work.
The pattern is great, simple, appropriate for maternity dresses :).

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