Monday, October 28, 2013

Xtra Big Cardigan

I had this wonderful material for a couple of years and I didn't know what to do with it. I forgot how many metres I bought and how much it cost me. Finally I've decided to make this wonderful extra big cardigan from Burda magazine 7/2013, model no. 109. I chose size 36, even though I wear a bigger size. But because the pattern is a bit oversized & baggy I thought it would be fine. It turned out great. It's a bit colourful for a cardigan, now I see that cardigans & jackets should be in darker tones and in monochrome so that you can wear something colourful underneath. Now I have to be careful not to look garish or gaudy. It goes well with jeans.

monochrome- in shades of only one colour, especially shades of greygarish- very brightly coloured in a way that is unpleasant to look atgaudy-clothes, colours etc that are gaudy are too bright and look cheap (Longman dictionary) 
The best bit is that I had only 1.5 m and the pattern needed over 2m of fabric. So I had to make a cut at the bottom, it's still the same lenght as the original, it was just not cut in one piece but two pieces. It doesn't look bad, especially because it's so colourful that you don't even notice the extra seam.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Big Baby Towel

Before me and my husband got a baby we were entitled to a welfare packet for a newborn (a benefit that was given to every newborn baby (not just the poor) but unfortunately it no longer exists in Slovenia). Anyway, there was this huge towel (96cm x 96 cm) in the packet which I found very useful - it's good to have a big towel and I noticed it was very easy to make it. So I measured it and so far I have made two of the same towels. As you can see from the following pictures it is made of two pieces.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crocheted Snowflake

I've found this wonderful book about crocheting & knitting  in a local library (it's even in English) - 150 Blocks to Knit & Crochet ( The anything-but-the-square collection) by Heather Lodinsky and it's really great. What I always look for in books and magazins for crocheting are the sketches because I don't like reading the description in words, I just want a quick look at the sketches and I quickly see if there is something I can make.

Petite Lace Snowflake

This pattern is called Petite Lace Snowflake and it's so easy to make it. It's made of chain stitch, double crochet and slip stich. I think I will make some of this year's Christmas cards by using this snowflake. I've decided that this year's cards have to be super easy to make because I just don't have enough time to do anything.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer dress made from online fabric

Summer dress made from online fabric

I bought this wonderful fabric online at, this was the first time that I actually bought the fabric (5 pieces) on the Internet and it turned out great - the fabric was wonderful, it arrived quickly and it wasn't very expensive. 

I love all the fabrics. I have always thought that ordering via Internet is a bit risky because you never know what you might get, but I was pleasantly surprised. I admit that the colours look slightly different in real than on the internet page. Nevertheless, they're OK, it's just a bit of a surprise. They're all jersey fabrics. Lately I'm obsessed with jersey and knit fabric.