Monday, March 2, 2015

Maya the Bee Carnival (Fasching) Costume

For this year's carnival I made a Maya the Bee costume for my daughter. I gave her a choice, well she's not yet 3, but I gave her 3 options to choose from: a cook, Minni the Mouse & Maya the Bee. I would actually prefer to make her an apron (because she needs one) and a chef's hat but I guess she doesn't care about that whereas she loves Maya the Bee cartoon. I made a super-easy-but-wonderful tulle skirt in yellow (Slovenian link krilo iz tila, English link easiest-tutu-ever, a black & yellow shirt, wings and a head piece. 

Almost everything is my own design, except the skirt obviously. It cost me about 30 eur - it's a bit more than a costume bought in store but the materials are of better quality. And it's custom-made and well made.

I'm publishing the shirt pattern (size 98) and a head piece pattern. I drafted them myself.

Here are wings explained in picture because I'm too lazy to write it down. You need: (garden) wire, pliers, silver tape, white tights, elastic band.


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  2. Super ti je ratal tole! :) Ana se že priporoča. ;)