Sunday, April 27, 2014

Polka dots peplum shirt - I love it

I got an idea to make a peplum shirt out of jersey. I choose this wonderful polka dots fabric. I made a strange combination of my own pattern for the top part and as always a wonderful Burda pattern - Burda 8/ 2012, mod. 113/114. I wanted to simplify the Burda pattern because I used a stretch fabric I could afford to make pieces without the zipper and ˝Abnaher˝. I made my life difficult because I had, again, less fabric then I needed. I had only 1 m of this fabric and now I see that I would probably need at least 1,20 m. Because the top parts are cut in 1 piece.

I did some weird cuts on the sleeves. I didn't even have enough fabric for the neckline or the sleeve's cuffs but never mind, I used some black jersey. I love the pattern - I love the back tail, the fact that it's longer at the back than at the front. The peplum - lttle skirt - just sits perfectly. I also love the batwing sleeves - it's my new obssession. So, the peplum is taken from Burda magazine but the top part was traced around one of my knitted sweaters and it was adjusted to these specific pattern. Can't wait to do more in different colours and patterns.
I hope I will manage to publish the pattern on-line - well, only the top part because I'm probably not allowed to publish the bottom part (it's a Burda pattern), it's not my own design. And it's only in size 38/40. Be ready to make your own adjustments if it doesn't fit you.

                                                                       The Batwing shirt download

That's what my pattern looks like

Burda's patterns

Completed garment