Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This year I managed to make a costume from this cute fabric I bought a year ago. By the way I bought it in a huge fabric shop near Ljubljana - Svet metraže.Svet metraže They have an on-line shop, as well. They're not exactly cheap but the shop is really big so you can always find something affordable if you just search long enough.
Anyway, I managed to prepare for the annual festival (Fasching - German) that we celebrate in Slovenia. The reason was that we had holidays from school so I had some time to fool around.

First I made the hat for my daughter and I liked it so much that I quickly made one for myself as well. I got the inspiration from Sew Kawaii! by Choly Knight but I drew the pattern myself. I measured our heads and drew the pattern. I made the hats by trial and error. So I had to do the top part for my daughter's hat twice. The first one was too small and even the second one was not exactly great. I had to make some corrections.

I'm publishing the patterns but use it carefully and make your own adjustments.

Lady bird hat adult download
Lady bird hat child download

I also made my daughter a cute tunic. I used a pattern from Burda magazine: Burda 12/ 2005; mod. 136; size: 86/92. Originally it was a top part of pyjamas but it works well as a tunic.