Thursday, January 1, 2015

Floral peplum shirt

I have made another peplum shirt. The top part is my design and the bottom part is based on Burda's pattern from Burda 8/ 2012. I just love how the tail falls over my behind.  And I love the floral fabric. I bought it on line - from tissu fabrics. The top part is the same as in polka-dots peplum shirt, except I did different cuts on top due to the lack of the material. So I might publish it again but there's really no big difference.

Stylish XL- cowl dress/ tunic

I saw this dress/ tunic/ pullover pattern in the last Burda magazine 12/ 2014 (model 121) and I thought I had to try this one soon. Not long after I was looking for something in my stash of fabric and found this almost forgotten material which had been intended for something else at the first place but I think it was just perfect for this one. The fabric is wonderful and the pattern is so very simple but great at the same time. I got lots of compliments for this one.
You can wear it as a dress with leggings or tights and boots or as a tunic over jeans. I would like to make some more but I have to find great fabric first.