Sunday, May 15, 2016 - part 1

Recently I've order a couple of things via (so from China and Hong-Kong). I must say that it can be addictive sitting at home in front of your computer and looking at all kinds of nice things you could buy. I tried to be modest. I spent around 120 eur.
I bought this wonderful leather messenger bag. It's supposed to be men's but where does it say so. It was very cheap, only 86 eur but then I had to pay tax and import duties in Slovenia. So in the end it cost me 123 eur.

But it's nice, isn't it? It looks robust.

I bought some sewing supplies, of course.
I bought a pom-pom maker to make my life easier. It was only 2,28 eur.

And I bought a bias tape maker to make my own bias tape. I love it. It was only 5,89 eur. I could spend all day making bias tape. It's so surprising after years of sewing and so many clothes made, like coats, jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses, curtains etc., I still discover something new and exciting about sewing.

I bought a maternity dress for 12 eur. It looks horrendous on me. I'll have to give it some shape. It looked so cute on a little China girl. On me it looks like a potato sack. The clothes are not really worth the money. I can make better things myself. This one was a disappointment. I'll have to alter it and it will take up my time.