Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kids jersey shirt - enough of jersey!

Tinkara - 2 y 3 m

I made this jersey shirt for my daughter but I think this one was a miss. I don't like it and it didn't turn out the way I wanted. And I tried so hard. I changed the pattern from Burda magazine 5/2012, mod. 142, size 98. I made it smaller even though I don't know how to make that. It's not complete yet. I actually wanted to make a pair of shorts because she needs one. I still haven't made them. So the look is not complete yet. It's so funny when you want to make one thing but then you end up making something completely different.
I came to a realization that it might be enough of jersey now. Recently I've been just making things out of jersey. This one was a bit disappointing. I'm already eyeing chiffon as my next material. At least I fulfilled my other standards - the shirt is made of fabric remains. I have a polo-shirt made from the pink one and a dress from the grey one. My husband asked me if I wanted a ˝mini-me˝. Not at all.

Burda magazine 5/ 2012

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Polo shirt - The third

Going home from the seaside July 2014, Delnice, Croatia

I love this pattern from Burda 5/ 2005, mod. 104, size 38, so this is the third variation of the same pattern and there will probably be more. I think that it's sporty and elegant at the same time. It was made from fabric remains. Recently I try hard not to buy new fabric because I have lots of material in boxes, bags, wardrobes, under the bed and so on. Eventually I'm going to master the polo neckline.
I'm still obsessed with jersey - it's easy to work with, clothes don't need ironing, they stretch with you as you get bigger ...

the 1st one

the 2nd one
the 3rd one

Friday, May 2, 2014

Slinky shrug - from ˝hot patterns˝

I found this wonderful free downloadable pattern for a shrug. I was so curious to make it because I wanted to see if it was going to be as perfect as it looked. I've used black knit (I think it's 100% acrylic, even though it feels like wool) for the shrug and a black jersey (viscose) for the ribbing. I made a size 18 even though I'm probably a size 12, but I wanted something more slouchy. It turned out OK. I made an alteration, I added 20 cm piece to the top ribbing because it seemed to me that it will be too tight.

                                                                 slinky shrug download

Next time I would/ will probably make it a bit smaller, so not a size 18, because it is a bit big for me. All in all, it is a good feeling to have something warm over your shoulders.

By the way, I love hot patterns, so far I've found quite a lot of their free downloadable patterns on the internet.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Polka dots peplum shirt - I love it

I got an idea to make a peplum shirt out of jersey. I choose this wonderful polka dots fabric. I made a strange combination of my own pattern for the top part and as always a wonderful Burda pattern - Burda 8/ 2012, mod. 113/114. I wanted to simplify the Burda pattern because I used a stretch fabric I could afford to make pieces without the zipper and ˝Abnaher˝. I made my life difficult because I had, again, less fabric then I needed. I had only 1 m of this fabric and now I see that I would probably need at least 1,20 m. Because the top parts are cut in 1 piece.

I did some weird cuts on the sleeves. I didn't even have enough fabric for the neckline or the sleeve's cuffs but never mind, I used some black jersey. I love the pattern - I love the back tail, the fact that it's longer at the back than at the front. The peplum - lttle skirt - just sits perfectly. I also love the batwing sleeves - it's my new obssession. So, the peplum is taken from Burda magazine but the top part was traced around one of my knitted sweaters and it was adjusted to these specific pattern. Can't wait to do more in different colours and patterns.
I hope I will manage to publish the pattern on-line - well, only the top part because I'm probably not allowed to publish the bottom part (it's a Burda pattern), it's not my own design. And it's only in size 38/40. Be ready to make your own adjustments if it doesn't fit you.

                                                                       The Batwing shirt download

That's what my pattern looks like

Burda's patterns

Completed garment

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This year I managed to make a costume from this cute fabric I bought a year ago. By the way I bought it in a huge fabric shop near Ljubljana - Svet metraže.Svet metraže They have an on-line shop, as well. They're not exactly cheap but the shop is really big so you can always find something affordable if you just search long enough.
Anyway, I managed to prepare for the annual festival (Fasching - German) that we celebrate in Slovenia. The reason was that we had holidays from school so I had some time to fool around.

First I made the hat for my daughter and I liked it so much that I quickly made one for myself as well. I got the inspiration from Sew Kawaii! by Choly Knight but I drew the pattern myself. I measured our heads and drew the pattern. I made the hats by trial and error. So I had to do the top part for my daughter's hat twice. The first one was too small and even the second one was not exactly great. I had to make some corrections.

I'm publishing the patterns but use it carefully and make your own adjustments.

Lady bird hat adult download
Lady bird hat child download

I also made my daughter a cute tunic. I used a pattern from Burda magazine: Burda 12/ 2005; mod. 136; size: 86/92. Originally it was a top part of pyjamas but it works well as a tunic.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

White-or-black-coffee dress + mum's knitted coat

White-or-black-coffee dress

I had this unusual patterned fabric for several years and I just couldn't decide what to do with it. I've finally done this dress from Burda magazine - 11/ 2012; modell 101, size 38. The material is of course jersey. I changed the bottom hem & sleeve cuffs. I used a dark brown jersey left from other project. Basically I simplified the dress for several reasons: because I didn't have enough material, because the original thing was a bit more complicated and because it turned out just fine in the end. The pattern is not difficult. Nowadays I always choose patterns that are quickly done because I don't have the time or energy. After I'm done with my job and my baby girl I'm sometimes too tired to do anything. I associate this pattern with white coffee, black coffee and cappuccino. I have no idea why. Probably because of the brown colours and the winding pattern.

Mum's knitted coat

That's the other thing that I really wanted to show off. It's not my work. It was made (knitted) by my mum when I was in high school - a long time ago. It was a full-length coat but I didn't like that and I had never worn it. But then I suggested to my mum if she could shorten it to a knee-length. Now it's absolutely wonderful. It's very warm because it's woollen and this year's winter is just perfect for it. It's unusually warm without any snow in Slovenia which suits me fine. I'm not a big fan of winter.