Thursday, August 13, 2015

Simple ruffled and rich blouse

I got this wonderful material from my aunt. My aunt has been sewing for more than 25 years and she is a huge inspiration for me. We decided that instead of going fabric shopping, which is by the way our favourite past time activity, we can exchange some fabric from our stash. I thought I have lots of fabric but my aunt has definitely more fabric than me. Anyway, this wonderful fabric was in a terrible state. It was shredded. It was falling apart. Here's a picture of the state it was in.

The most beautiful details of the fabric were falling apart. I had to construct the fabric again. I used zig-zag and tried sewing the shredded pieces back in place. Luckily it was working. 
I chose a very simple pattern for this material because it's so rich in itself and the piece was not exactly big. Lately I do lots of simple patterns because my time is limited: cooking, 3-year-old daughter, cats, job, gardening, crocheting, blogging, a bit of sewing etc.
So I made this wonderful blouse, Burda 7/ 2014, mod. 108, size 38. I added a peplum piece/ ruffles from Burda 3/ 2014, mod. 119. And as you can imagine I carefully trimmed every piece of fabric to prevent further shredding.

My  wonderful fireplace.

My name tag - finally.

Very simple neckline.

Wonderful material with small sequins.

And since I mentioned my aunt, here is a picture of her. I wore my blouse to an operetta Die Fledermaus in Schlosstheater in Vienna, Austria. There is my aunt (wearing her own jacket), 2nd from the left, my cousin who is studying opera singing in Vienna and she is pretty good, my mum is next to her (wearing a dress my aunt made) and me on the right.

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