Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kids jersey shirt - enough of jersey!

Tinkara - 2 y 3 m

I made this jersey shirt for my daughter but I think this one was a miss. I don't like it and it didn't turn out the way I wanted. And I tried so hard. I changed the pattern from Burda magazine 5/2012, mod. 142, size 98. I made it smaller even though I don't know how to make that. It's not complete yet. I actually wanted to make a pair of shorts because she needs one. I still haven't made them. So the look is not complete yet. It's so funny when you want to make one thing but then you end up making something completely different.
I came to a realization that it might be enough of jersey now. Recently I've been just making things out of jersey. This one was a bit disappointing. I'm already eyeing chiffon as my next material. At least I fulfilled my other standards - the shirt is made of fabric remains. I have a polo-shirt made from the pink one and a dress from the grey one. My husband asked me if I wanted a ˝mini-me˝. Not at all.

Burda magazine 5/ 2012

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