Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pink squirrel costume

Again a year has passed and our annual carnival holiday is here - PUST (in Slovene) (this year on 9th February 2016). I gave my daughter three choices for a costume: a squirrel, a chicken or a kitty. Well, she wanted to be a horse. Absolutely not. Finally we agreed on a pink squirrel.

Tinkara 3 y 10 m
So I decide to go fully pink, a pink plush tail, a pink tull skirt, pink ears and a pink vest. Obnoxiously pink. Too much pink for my taste. I don't even like pink colour. But I guess little girls can stand a lot of pink. So here it is. So far I have done just the tail and the ears, the skirt is waiting to be finished.

How is it made?
1. I made the tail from old bed sheet and then stuffed it with soft polyester filling. 

2. Then I made the tail from pink plush material. And stuffed the white tail into the pink one.

3. I have sewed white elastic on top of the tail and somewhere in the middle like it's a rucksack. That's the best way to carry this tail everything else makes it floppy because it is quite heavy.

4. Then I attached a kind of belt in the waist - made of plush material and white elastic band. I hope the pictures are clear enough.

5. Then the ears: I used a head piece which I encased/ covered in jersey fabric.

6. Then I made the ears and stuffed them with polyester filling, but a flat one. Then I folded them and attached triangular pieces of fabric to make the ears more squirrel-like. The ears were easy to sew on the head piece because it had holes in the head piece (I bought it just for 1 eur in KIK).

That's it!

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