Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New clothes for Anika

Anika has been lying around naked for some time. It wasn't a pretty sight even though she is just a doll. An opportunity to make her new clothes showed up when I had to shorten and hem my husband's pyjamas. The piece was perfect for a gathered doll's skirt. It was hemmed, so I just had to put in an elastic band.

For the top I used a pattern from Burda , She's a 35 cm high doll.

Anika is a nice reminder of the old times. My mum bought it when I was a young girl, so she is probably over 25 years old. Now I let my daughter play with her. At that time I think Slovenia was still a part of Yugoslavia and nice things were bought abroad, in Austria, Italy, Hungary and Czech Republic. If I remember correctly Anika came from Czech Republic, even though she was made in China.

I would love to make more doll's clothes (and Barbie clothes). That's why I started sewing as a little girl. However, it drives me crazy sewing them on sewing machine because they are so tiny. It's a lot easier to do this by hand. But that's something I just hate nowadays. Sounds like a vicious circle of want and hate at the same time. Anyway, there's another piece waiting to become, hmm, let's say, a dress?

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